Can Moving Companies Transport Alcohol?

Are you wondering whether or not moving companies can transport alcohol? If so, you must know the rules regarding this and make sure you pack your belongings carefully. Check it out. Here are some tips for packing alcohol. Be sure to check your state laws as well. Alcohol is prohibited in some states, so moving companies will not be able to transport it. If you are moving to a state where alcohol is legal, you will need to pack it yourself.


You may be wondering if your movers will transport alcohol during your move. The alcohol is extremely flammable and needs to be properly sealed, including the corks. Broken corks will likely result in alcohol being declared hazardous. Additionally, the alcohol must be packed safely, and most moving companies won’t transport it if the corks aren’t sealed tightly. In order to avoid any possible issues, you should contact the state alcohol control board to find out more information.

Alcohol is a prohibited item for moving companies, so make sure you ask about the policy before hiring a mover. Before you choose a mover, find out if alcohol is allowed where you are moving. Check with your state’s laws before you choose a mover. If it’s not, move yourself. If you’re moving to another state, you can also transport alcohol yourself. If you have an international move, you may have to label your boxes so that they don’t get lost.


In Maryland, it is illegal for moving companies to ship alcohol to a residential address. In most cases, they must transport wine from a wholesaler in Maryland. In addition, alcohol cannot be shipped to you unless it is being transported by a governmental entity. To get a tax exemption, the moving company must submit Form ST-119.1, Exemption of Organization Exempt Purchase Certificate. However, if you’re relocating and want to transport alcohol, you’ll need to get a Change of Domicile Permit.


Moving liquor can be difficult, especially if you’re moving from one state to another. You’ll need special permission and planning to move your liquor from one state to the next. Alcohol transport requires special permission, including customs clearance, which can add to the costs of moving alcohol. Moving companies should have experience with international relocations to ensure that your liquor is transported safely. You’ll also need to have a farewell party, so plan on serving alcohol.

While alcohol is allowed in most states, moving it can be expensive. Alcohol must be properly packaged and labeled to avoid damage during transport. Alcohol can also’t be shipped by mail, but moving companies can offer estimates for transporting it. There are special requirements for shipping alcohol, including proper packaging, labeling, and paying for the necessary permits. For example, the TTB requires you to follow specific guidelines and procedures for transporting alcohol.

Proper packing

When hiring a moving company, be sure to ask what kind of guidelines they follow when it comes to bringing alcohol to your new place. Alcohol products may be legal to transport, but the laws for both origin and destination may differ. For example, if you are moving from California to Massachusetts, the state alcohol laws will be different than those in Texas. Fortunately, you can still avoid these problems by hiring a moving company that has experience moving alcohol.

When it comes to transporting liquor, you should use specialty boxes to protect the bottles from breakage. Cell boxes with cardboard installed inside are a great option. Also, be sure to label bottles that are fragile as this will help the Sacramento movers know which ones need extra care. Another option is to pack bottles upside down. This will prevent the corks from getting wet during transport. Depending on the type of wine you have, you can choose to pack the bottles on their side, or you can even put them upside down to avoid damage. Labeling boxes with fragile alcohol can also increase protection.


Depending on the type of liquor, a moving company may not be able to transport it safely. Because alcohol is flammable, it must be packaged properly and transported in climate-controlled crates. It must also have a good cork so it doesn’t spill. Whether it’s in a wine bottle or in a large wine chest, you should check local laws before shipping alcohol. Alcohol should never be transported in an open container.

Because alcohol is flammable and can cause fires, it should not be transported by a moving truck. Rather, it should be moved by separate vehicles. Because moving trucks do not regulate temperature, alcohol must be transported in separate vehicles. In some states, alcohol can be transported only for personal consumption. Contact the Alcohol Beverage Control authority before moving alcohol. Alcohol is especially dangerous to transport in a moving truck, so be sure to ask your moving company for special precautions.

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